The 4×4 Accessories you Can’t Live Without

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While a majority of the basic 4×4 accessories on the market these days can take you a mile away from the bustling, overwhelming city, there’s a few to keep in mind over others. Whether we’re gearing up for an off-road adventure or just for a weekend away from the daily grind, here are the essentials we can’t leave the garage without.

The mighty portable fridge

Okay, so camping is all well and good, and we enjoy the outdoors as much as the next guy, but we don’t want to tune out of the little luxuries completely. Portable 12V fridges are a great way to stock up on all of your must-haves (read: a slab of VB). Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re itching for a cold drink after a long day on the road.

A quality bullbar

Perhaps the underdog of this list, the bullbar is essential for any 4×4. It provides protection at the front from the elements and incidents with animals. Beyond this, a well-made design also allows you to attach extra aerials, winches, lights and more.


It goes without saying, but making sure you’ve fitted out your vehicle with a fresh set of quality tyres is key. Your tyres will need to take you off-the-beaten-track and may need to stand the test of tough terrain, so it pays to make an investment here. If you’re not sure what type to go for, we always recommend speaking to our team of experts.


Don’t underestimate the power of good organisation. Even a simple set of draws in the back of your 4×4 will go along way towards keeping things orderly. Know where your basics are and locate emergency items (like a first aid kit) when you need them most.

A roof rack

If you’re looking to head out for a longer trip, a roof rack provides you with more space to stock things up in. Use it for bulkier items and free up much-needed room inside your vehicle. Just remember to keep heavy loads off your roof, where possible – you’ll need to be smart about the way you pack.

Driving lights

Long days and nights on the road mean that your lights may endure fatigue or wear. However, it’s crucial not to place unnecessary strain on your eyes when you’re behind the wheel, so make sure you invest in a set of driving lights that can withstand your adventures.

The nifty air compressor

Grab peace of mind in the fact that an air compressor gives you air pressure for your tyres if you happen to run low. In off-road conditions, your pressure will fluctuate, making these gadgets essential. Throw one in the back of your (now organised) 4×4 and take off with confidence.

Is your 4×4 ready to hit the roads? Stock up on all the must-haves with our range of accessories, tyres and more.