Terms and Conditions


2. Condition of Sale These conditions are the conditions upon which PSI will deal with & sell products to a purchaser. PSI may vary these conditions from time to time. Any such amendments shall be binding on the purchaser. The placement of an order by the buyer will be deemed acceptance of these conditions.

3. Alteration of Conditions These conditions shall apply to all orders for goods placed by Buyer with Seller to the exclusion of all other terms or conditions unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. If the terms of the Buyer’s order are inconsistent with these Conditions the delivery of the goods to Buyer or as Buyer directs shall constitute an offer by Seller to sell the goods to Buyer pursuant to these conditions which offer Buyer shall be deemed to accept by taking delivery of the goods.

4. Cancellation of Orders Once lodged with seller an order may not be cancelled or delivered in respect thereof delayed without Seller’s prior agreement. All deposits are non-refundable.

5. Delays The date for delivery (if any) is the estimated date for delivery only and Seller shall be under no liability for any loss or damage arising if the goods are not delivered by that date. Where Seller is unable to deliver the goods because of matters beyond the control of Seller, then the estimated date for delivery shall be extended until the cessation of the effect of such matter or matters.

6. Point of Delivery and Passing Risk Unless otherwise agreed in writing. Buyer shall take delivery of the goods at the Buyers nominated delivery address and risk in respect of the goods shall pass on such delivery. To the extent that Seller accepts responsibility for damage to goods in transit, such responsibility shall end upon delivery into Buyer’s store or to his authorized agent. In any event, Seller will accept no liability for damage to goods in transit not notified in writing to it and to the carrier concerned within seven days after delivery of the goods to Buyer.

7. Delivery Seller shall accept no liability for non-delivery of goods unless notification of such non-delivery is received within twenty-one days after receipt of Seller’s statement including the non-delivered goods. Seller’s liability for non-delivery shall be limited to replacement of the goods within a reasonable time. Seller shall not accept liability for items damaged in transit. Damage claims must be made to delivery freight carrier.

8. Delivery Time
The estimated time for delivery for items in stock is 7-14 days.

9. Title Notwithstanding paragraph 6, until payment in full to Seller for the goods; (a) Property in the goods remains with Seller and Buyer agrees to hold the goods as Bailee for Seller; (b) Seller may at any time terminate any contract relating to the goods and the bailment without notice to Buyer and may thereupon take possession of the goods. (c) Buyer authorises Seller by its servants or agents to enter any premises owned, leased or otherwise occupied by Buyer for the purpose of taking possession of the goods and authorises Seller by its servants or agents to use all reasonable force to obtain such possession; and (d) If the goods are sold by Buyer, Buyer acknowledges that such sale is by Buyer as Bailee for and on behalf of Seller and agrees to hold the proceeds for sale on trust for Seller until payment in full to Seller for the goods.

10. Customer’s PSI will not be responsible for any parts left on premises after seven (7) days.

11. Realm of Goods (a) Return not generally accepted. (b) Except in accordance with Clause 5 hereof, no goods shall be returned without the prior written consent of Seller and where goods are returned without such consent, the same shall be returned to the Buyer at Buyers expense. (c) Manner of return (d) Unless otherwise agreed by Seller, all returns should be made via the authorised Seller’s transport making the initial delivery and all returned goods must be accompanied by an itemised credit claim signed by an officer/employee of the Buyer stating the reason for the return of goods. Buyer’s intention to return goods must be notified to Seller within seven (7) days of delivery to Buyer and return must be to Seller’s original point of despatch within fourteen (14) days of despatch of goods from Seller’s warehouse. All goods returned shall be subject to a twenty five percent (25%) surcharge but no credit will be given by Seller to Buyer for returned goods unless the relevant invoice number(s) are quoted or if any returned goods are damaged or destroyed on or prior to return to Sellers warehouse. (example) Wheels that have been fitted with tyres will not be accepted for return (f) Wheels will not be accepted for return unless in original packaging (g) Tyres will not be accepted for return if they have been mounted to wheels.

12. Warranty All Claims must be made to PSI Pty Ltd with the Official Receipt by the original consumer purchaser. Any repairs effected without PSI prior consent will be the responsibility of the Customer. PSI will not be responsible for any consequential loss or damage, loss of income or downtime because of the failure of the repairs done. PSI will not recognise any warranty claim where any failure or defect is caused by: (a) Insufficient or incorrect oil and/or lubricants. (b) Misuse, overloading or negligence in operating a vehicle knowing a problem could exists. Failure to carry out proper maintenance. (c) Unauthorised repairs, alteration or dismantling or modification. (d) Improper mounting, Improper installation, accident, curb damage, normal wear & tear, neglect or road impact. (e) Misalignment, improper inflation, overloading, wheel imbalance, defective mechanical conditions. All claims are subject to manufacturer’s warranty terms, conditions & acceptance. Any structural claims must be made within 30 days of original purchase.

13. Legality & Insurance If you are planning to upgrade or change your suspension, wheels and/or tyres etc it may alter its legality on the road or insurance policy, it is the vehicle owner’s responsibility to contact the relevant road and traffic authority and/or insurance company prior to fitment, modification or purchase of these items to see if they are permitted. Any modification or additions to your vehicle are of your own accord and it is up to you to determine items will fit with modifications as we cannot guarantee all fitments after any modifications. PSI recommends to ONLY fit our items as per the vehicles standards manufacturers recommendations; anything outside this recommendation is the owner’s/buyer’s responsibility to ensure suitability & legality.

14. Modification to Guards PSI will not be responsible for any damage due to a vehicle caused by modifying guards.