$485.00 inc. GST

Product description

Pre-Order Item only!!!!!Due to this item being discontinued, we are now ordering this to be custom made in batches.BEFORE PURCHACING PLEASE GIVE THE TEAM AT PSI MOTORSPORT A CALL TO CONFIRM VEHICLE FITMENT AND TIMES FOR THE NEXT BATCH BEING MADEWhat does it do?

This precision laser cut steel modification plate allows you to turn your tailgate into a locked compartment within your car.

You can use the space to store recovery gear, spare parts or anything else that will fit and you want to keep secure.

How do I fit it?

This is a DIY kit and requires you to trim away some of the metal in the tailgate.

To assist with this, you will be provided with step by step easy to follow instructions and a handy template to show where the cuts are required.

This can be performed with tin snips, a jigsaw or an angle grinder.

By default, the kit will be painted black and ship with all mounting hardware required such as nuts and bolts for mounting, hinge and associated screws as well as the heavy duty low profile locks.

How long will it take to fit?

We at 4WD DIY have fitted this kit, as seen in the video below, and we can attest to it being a roughly 45 minute job, or about the time it takes to drink 2 beers.

The longest part of the whole procedure is the measuring and cutting stage, as after all, even we were a bit nervous about cutting into our car.

However just like fitting a snorkel, measure twice, cut once, and you can’t go wrong, especially with this kit!

What options are available?

You have the option of also ordering a marine carpet finish and sound deadening foam to stick inside your tailgate which prevents damage to the steel and eliminates rattles.

Marine carpet is highly recommended unless you plan to cover the tailgate yourself as the powdercoating will get damaged over time without it.