4x4 Rear Bars for Sale Online

Rear bars are an integral piece of equipment for any 4WD. Now considered an essential attachment for any make or model, they provide optimal protection to the back of the vehicle, whilst enhancing its aesthetic.

Advantages include:

  • Better Departure Angle and Increased Clearance: Off-road driving presents the danger of damaging the back bumpers or panels. Attaching this hardware includes removing plastic bumpers, providing more clearance and a better departure angle.
  • Rear Quarter Protection: As mentioned above, off-road driving can be hazardous for the back of a 4WD. By having a steel-based barrier fixed to this position, you significantly reduce the chance of damaging the back of your vehicle
  • Enhanced Towing Power: Many tow bars don’t provide a significant level of weight distribution. By installing 4x4 rear bars, your vehicle distributes the weight more evenly throughout the chassis, providing greater pulling power and an easier tow.
  • Accessory Mount: They make for the perfect place to install a wide range of accessories. This includes high lift jack holders, lights, shovel holders, jerry can holders and tyre carriers – just to name a few.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic: Because what serious four wheel driver doesn’t like the look of a strong piece of steel at the back of their rig?
PSI Wheels & Tyres’ online store has a huge range of 4x4 rear bars for a variety of makes and models. This includes Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger attachments.

Rear bars for Ford Rangers, Toyota Hilux and more

Choosing the right hardware is imperative to ensuring your vehicle is fully protected. When choosing your attachment, you need to consider the following:

  • What style of driving will you be doing?
  • Where will you be driving?
  • Will the terrain present significant dangers?
  • What accessories will you be taking when you drive?
  • How will the attachment affect the look of the vehicle?
If you only need the appendage for storage, then you don’t require the highest calibre hardware. Instead, you’ll only require something that can simply carry your accessories will be enough if you don’t plan on doing too much tough driving.

However, if off-roading is your sport, you will want a stronger design on hand, and one that provides full coverage to the back of your vehicle.

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