Bull Bars for Sale in Melbourne, Australia

Front bull bars are a vital piece of hardware for any 4WD. Acting as a protective barrier that’s attached to the front of the vehicle, it aids impact in the case of a collision.

Advantages include:

  • Animal Collisions: Four-wheel drivers are always at risk of animal collisions on country roads, and this is where the bull bar is necessary. In the unfortunate event of one of these instances, the bull bar will significantly reduce the damage done to the vehicle.
  • General Protection: For off-road drivers, this bull bar is imperative. Australia’s rugged roads are full of dangerous debris that can cause significant damage. In the same sense that the bull bar works for animal collisions, it will also reduce the impact of any unforeseen debris that flies in front of you.
  • Accessory Mounting Point: These nifty inventions are also often one of the best places to mount bull bar accessories. Sand flags, driving lights and UHF antennas can all be easily fixed to the device, making installation a breeze.
Not sure where to start? PSI Wheels & Tyres stocks a fantastic range of steel / alloy bull bars for vehicles including Mazda, Toyota HiLux, Nissan, VW and Ford Ranger 4WDs.

Choosing the Right Bullbar for Your Vehicle

Choosing the right bull bar for your 4WD is important for ensuring its efficiency. It can be tempting to go for looks over anything else, but you’ll need to choose an option that will perform its intended function for your specific vehicle.

When hunting around for a certain type, there’s a few details worth keeping in mind. We recommend considering the following:

  • Where will you be driving the vehicle?
  • What kind of driving do you intend to do?
  • What are the dangers attributed?
  • What accessories will you be taking?
  • Is it compatible with your current safety systems?
You then need to determine which material works best for your driving conditions and skills. For example, a steel / alloy bars provides a great deal of strength and protection, making it efficient for driving in areas where animal collisions are likely.

Design is also paramount, as your type of driving may not require ultra-protection, but simply a place to mount accessories. Once you have determined all of this, you can then decide on a specific look and model.

About PSI Wheels & Tyres

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