Leave Your Suspension to the Experts for Proper Safety

If you are looking to head out for an Aussie off-road excursion, you first have to ensure your rig is in good knick. And that means checking up whether your mighty 4WD has been serviced recently by a trusted mechanic. During this time, it’s essential to choose a mechanic who has quality experience dealing with this type of vehicle.  Moreover, a 4WD specialist will be well-versed in locating any problems with your rig, before they cause any significant damage or harm.

So, it goes without saying that it’s best to leave your suspension to the PSI Wheels & Tyres professionals. Here’s why.

Enhanced Vehicle Safety

Your suspension’s role is to ensure the vehicle is kept under control and riding smoothly. Specifically, the system also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the comfort of the driver and passenger. This is because they limit the impact of different road conditions.

The suspension consists of the following components:

  • Spring: These support the overall weight of the rig, as well as absorb and reduce excess energy on the road shocks.
  • Shock Absorbers: These provide friction that is vital for dampening and controlling the vehicular shocks. They are also known as dampers as they literally absorb difficult terrain’s shocks.
  • Three Different Springs: The leaf, torsion and coil springs. The springs’ role is to absorb shock whilst driving on-road and off-road. You have to ensure that your springs have been checked by a 4WD specialist throughout the typical check. There is a requirement for the proper springs to be fitted when it’s time for their replacement.
  • Anti-Swift Bar: These shift the wheel’s movement as well as stabilise the rig.
  • Other Parts: These include ball joints, bushes, suspension and rod ends. You will have to have all these components thoroughly checked by your dedicated specialist. 

Suspension experts suggest that a single worn-out absorber can increase your rig’s stopping distance around 2.6 metres. This can save you from a fatality in the event of an accident. Some of the signs of a worn-out system include:

  • The vehicle nose dips forward when you brake
  • Oil leak in the shock absorbers
  • Uneven tyre tread wear
  • The vehicle is handling poorly when turning corners.

Don’t Risk Your Safety

No matter your intentions, it’s always important to make sure your vehicle is in prime condition before going off-road. Contact the PSI Wheels & Tyres professionals to conduct a thorough safety check before heading out on your next excursion. We will provide a thorough examination of your vehicle and provide you with the necessary repairs should we find a problem.

We are an ethical provider of 4WD suspension checks. We value our supportive community of off-roaders and repay their support with quality, fair and transparent suspension appraisals.

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